We realize your Ideas just as you want.

We make a functional and visually appealing website with their wishes. Web design and website development are the primary responsibilities in any company. It is very important that the customers are satisfied, because its success is also our success. Our clients appreciate the originality of websites, which where reated for them. We approach each new project with special attention because our customers come from diverse working areas and factories.

Google AdWords is by far the most popular pay per click platform – works on a pay-per-click model, in which the company doesn’t pay for the advertising connected but only when a click was executed.
Increase your customer frequency – Get in touch with researchers who are interested in products and services as you are interested in.

Generate the traffic low – pay-per-click marketing allows you to create ads when they are within the framework of research and looking for buying. Furthermore, you can enjoy the algorithmic created alarms of a search engine in return to make your clients happy.

The truth is that a pay-per-click marketing can work for almost any type of business, whether you sell products through its online store, or you want to generate frequency of services or software business. The problem lies in the execution. To get the most out of your pay-per-click marketing campaign, you need to have a lot of experience and to have trust in the right company.

Clickemotions offers the ability to create simple and advanced iPhone or Android mobile applications. All iPhone and Android applications will be using the programming language Objective C and iPhone with iOS implemented programming tools to exploit the full power of the platform. We are able to realize the application development appropriate your requirements. We will be pleased to answer your questions on this issue.

Our websites follow the latest international trends and are based on a modern and high-quality design. Our layout is based on visual identity and character of the featured company. We pay much attention to the most important issues of your company.

All of our websites have a “responsive web design”. It’s a design that adapted itself to any mobile terminals.

The finished design is characterized by the creativity and allows visitors to quickly find the base and to identify the benefits of your company.

Modern production requires a unique combination of information technology and design.

Some results, which appear in the search engine, were paid to be there. Sites that have reached the top of the search results, independently and without financial support, are organic ranked. This means that the results were selected by their general popularity and relevance of the search term and this result is independent of anything else.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay to the search engine. The organic ranking doesn’t count that. The way to the top of the ranking you can’t pay. The organic search engines optimization offers a natural placement on the pages of the search engine. The organic search engine optimization is a careful balance of keywords, the provision of high-quality content and strategic integration to generate the natural traffic on your website. A better position in the search results means more attention, more clicks and ultimately more counts. Before we optimize a website, we need to ensure the competitiveness of a particular keyword and we need to check if there are any changes on the online market.

During this phase in which we are exploring the keywords, our organic SEO-team is analysing the entire situation and selects the best way to optimize your website.

Doesn’t your website match with the current standard? Or isn’t your website managed on a regular basis for a long time? We have the solution for you!

What makes us unique is the originality. Interesting ideas and solutions for design, high quality websites and ambitious goals so would a perfect website be created out of it.

Thanks to our team of design experts, we provide the best solutions to all our customers.

Our consultants for marketing will help them the right image and brand for your business to develop. Our design team has many years of experience in professional advertising, corporate identity in print and digital media. We work around the clock to find the best results for you and to achieve their project.

Did you know that more than 70 percent of internet users often buy products from the brand, which they follow on social networks like Facebook or Twitter? Statistics show that more than 15 percent of customers use social media to find local business.

Facebook or Twitter make almost a quarter of the total time, which people spent online on Social Media. About 53 percent of internet users recommend products in their tweets. Facebook has more than one billion users. More than 11 million people visit YouTube every month. About 80 percent of people connect itself with brands through Facebook.

These figures show that people talk about brands and products in the online world. Social media is a great way to connect with potential buyer and win them as a customer. By providing quality content you can gain popularity and establish your online reputation. Clickemotions can help you to extend your social presence and you can find out with us, where your clients spend the most time in Internet.

Clickemotions offers you the best technical service. Thereby, we can help you that your websites, applications or something near that functions properly. Because of that, we have a department for technical support, which are available even outside normal business hours for phone support.

To top it off and to offer everything out of one hand, we quote the hosting too. If you have any questions or would like to request an offer, please contact us.

Our web hosting is much more than just a storage space for your website. You also have the assurance that your data will be stored only on servers in Switzerland.

With clickemotions we are always a Step ahead. The friendly Team of clickemotions helps us always and met all our Desires to the last Detail.

Matthias / Müller

We recommend every Company to cooperate with clickemotions, which does not have time to manage his own Website by itself. They do everything from for us and we focus us on our core Business. Thank you so much!

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The Team of clickemotions is very professional and is always with Advice and Assistance on our Side.

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Even long after the Realization of our Project, clickemotions is our constant Companion for Onlinesolutions.

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